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The 11 other representatives who signed on as co-sponsors are John Winters R-St. Swanton , Alan Parent R-St. The proposed constitutional amendment would leave civil unions intact but would outlaw same-sex marriages in Vermont. The amendment, sponsored by Sens. Canns told Out in the Mountains that he introduced the constitutional amendment because he wants to provide Vermonters with an opportunity to vote on the issue. It’s presently locked in the Judiciary Committee and unless and until the chairman of that committee chooses to bring it up it will probably die.

John Winters R-Swanton lamented.

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Schaefer’s reference to opposition to legislation that would require many health care workers and patients to undergo testing for the AIDS virus. Actually, he said he realized that some members objected to testing and that it was generally controversial among the council. William Donald Schaefer told his new AIDS Advisory Council yesterday that he intends to propose legislation requiring many health-care workers and patients to get tested for the AIDS virus — even though he realizes that most of the council members disagree.

David Lakey said Wednesday at a news conference designed to dispel Texans’ and Americans’ fear of an Ebola outbreak after a man there was diagnosed with the disease. All those gruesome photos you’re seeing of people dying in the streets in West Africa — that’s something that happens over there, to other people, not here, not to us. But what the events of the last few days have shown is that it’s exactly that kind of hubris that puts us most at risk, and that for all the sophistication of the U.

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The Voice sets out to answer this simple question: The Transgender Task Force is the premier group at the university aimed at confronting issues surrounding gender non-conforming individuals, creating an educational environment for all members of Harvard, and fostering a safe and welcoming atmosphere for transgender and intersex people at the university. Transgender people at Harvard, although a disappointingly indiscernible community within the College, are supported by a network of active organizations that work to further the trans and queer movement.

Events are regularly held across campus to raise awareness of trans-issues and to promote equality and understanding at all levels of the university. These seminars aim to make campus life and university policies more inclusive. However, by far the most visible assembly on campus—acting mostly as the umbrella for other groups—is the QSA, or Queer Students and Allies.

And again, italics are my emphasis. The following Monday, October 25th, the Crimson published an expository summary piece , a gossipy sordid recap of the emails , a short explanation from then-HCS president Matthew Gline , and a staff editorial connecting the Isis to the larger final club scene at Harvard. Up to this point, the punch process at final clubs was obscured, and people who were not punched often had no idea what happened at final club punch events.

Furthermore, the inner workings of the final clubs — male or female — were unknown. The female final clubs are very new compared to the eight male final clubs — the Crimson articles revealed the Bee started renting space from the Fly, another significant piece of news in addition to the email archive exposure. The Crimson reporting skims the line between news and tabloids. The gossip is balanced by a staff editorial, which focuses on the reasons why the punch process, and final clubs, distress proponents of safe social spaces.

Anything publicly accessible is fair game for reporters, but the Crimson staff still debated the morality of exposing the archive. So what happened when the Isis set up their list? They were definitely concerned about keeping the content private: Imagine how horrible it would be if this were sitting in your inbox, even months from now, and by accident some non-member or punch ever saw it. The email threads also are not stored in a publicly accessible archive.

This sets up the potential for people not familiar with email lists, such as the Isis list creator “In her first e-mail over the list on May 2, the creator complained:


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Retrieved Nov 11 from https: Cicilline soon transformed the debt-ridden city of , into a gleaming, prosperous enclave. The crime rate is the lowest in 30 years, tax credits are given to restore landmark buildings, and a future relocation of the Interstate Interstate interchange will open The city’s dramatic turnabout recently led The Wall Street Journal to name Providence one of the world’s top 10 up-and-coming travel destinations the only U.

It’s no wonder the mayor’s thriving popularity has him considering a run in as the nation’s first out governor. Providence has been a refuge of tolerance ever since , when the defiant Roger Williams set up a colony there that espoused religious freedom and liberty.

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