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And they say, ‘President Knope, this park is awesome. Now we understand why you’re the first female president of the United States. An Inverted Trope of the Obstructive Bureaucrat , Leslie is a cheerful bureaucrat full of can-do spirit. This makes her The Pollyanna on a show where almost everyone else is cynical and jaded to one degree or another. She is also a Determinator. When it comes to being a civil servant, Leslie is virtually unmatched. Her hyper-competence at organizing, leading and working on large scale and complicated projects on extremely short notice is more or less the only thing that allows anything to be accomplished at all in Pawnee. At one point Leslie has to take time off and the entire rest of the department is unable to pick up her slack. Outside of her profession, while much less flawless, she is still generally a smart, charismatic and capable person. She fangirls over prominent female politicians as well as Joe Biden, has binders for her types of binders, and is obsessed with waffles, news, work, and caring for her friends.

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Background[ edit ] Despite Ron being a very private person, including getting his birthdate redacted from all public documents, his background does occasionally come up. He was born in a small town to Tamara Swanson referred to as “Tammy 0” by Ron and a father unnamed in the series. He grew up on a farm in a small town and is shown to have enjoyed woodworking from an early age, building his first chair at age 5. Ron is opposed to child labor laws, stating he got his first job at a sheet metal factory at age 9 and, in two weeks, was running the floor.

Ron claimed that, at age 12, he went to prom and was working at a quarry.

Jobs for Kankakee County, Livingston County, Iriquois County and surrounding areas.

When Amy Poehler met Nick Offerman for the first time, in , he had his head shaved into red horns because he had a part in a play of Clockwork Orange. Nick auditioned for Curb Your Enthusiasm more than anyone else because of Garlin and his wife, but he never got a role in the series Garlin felt terrible about it. Nick Offerman was the first choice of everyone — Poehler and the network — for Ron Swanson. However, he originally auditioned — along with Adam Scott — for the role of Mark Brendanawicz.

Amy is not a cat person. These reports are a bunch of crap. Larry David was given as a gift a framed copy of the report of the Seinfeld pilot that was much more negative than this one by an NBC exec. The exec thought it was funny. You still use these.

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Acting[ edit ] Offerman lived in Chicago in the mid s, where he participated with theatre companies such as Steppenwolf , Goodman , and Wisdom Bridge. At Steppenwolf, he also worked as a fight choreographer and master carpenter. At the same time, he began appearing on television:

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In a nutshell… Ron is prepared to give Leslie her old job back, but of course! Leslie wants no special treatment… until he calls her bluff. Time for a Ron Swanson speech of truth and awesomeness: He does, however, accidentally splatter April with fake blood to her delight. She wants Ben to shut it down, but he has no legal reason to. It leads to fights over separating work and home life. It culminates in a chase all over town. They finally compromise in separating the farmers market into day and night events, allowing a family friendly atmosphere before dark, when the Chard dancers can come out to play.

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Ron is a wood-chopping, bacon guzzling, gun shooting, capitalism loving, red-blooded mountain of an American male. Ron loves red meat and personal privacy, and loathes leafy greens and big government. This is a man who simultaneously boasts the stoically disapproving glare and mustache of Teddy Roosevelt, the unyielding bravado of Chuck Norris, and the fatherly warmth of Albus Dumbledore. Cut to a scene of Ron tossing his entire computer straight into the dumpster.

That is if we can find it.

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Where Are They Now? You make me vomit. Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Casting her was brilliant, as only a true man like Ron Swanson could land an ass kicking, smoking hot Warrior Princess. From cute to washed up to smoldering man-candy, Sawa has come a long way since his role as a friendly ghost. The hottest of the Wormer brothers, his most notable gigs include Final Destination and Nikita.

Like any down-on-her-luck actress, Rosman graced the pages of Maxim with a much more mature look. In he was arrested for multiple misdemeanor drug offenses and later pled guilty. In he began dating Mila Kunis until their breakup in Recent paparazzi photos show Culkin looking like a skeleton of the young boy America fell in love with.

The longtime soap star was arrested in for a DUI, but has since stayed out of trouble.

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One of the standout characters from this show is none other than Ron Swanson, the poker-faced, libertarian, and all-around manly dude who runs the Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana. Eat Real Food Supermarket Employee: Nor would he eat sugar-free cookies, fat-free yogurt, or any other monstrosity created in a laboratory. All too often people obsess over expensive supplements, disgusting low-fat microwave dinners, and even gasp!

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Let’s make a list. Acknowledged the rare and beautiful thing that is Ron and Leslie’s deep friendship that has not a trace of romance to it, despite the fact that they are of opposite gender and both heterosexual. Let Lucy Liu be a badass in the most subtle and wonderful of ways. Unleashed Megan Mullally in full-crazy mode. Not only acknowledged that the meanness toward Jerry is that, but had the characters acknowledge it and correct their behavior. Showcased finely crafted wooden furniture.

The main plot is that Ron has been nominated for a woodworking award for a chair he’s made. Leslie congratulates him and invites herself to the awards ceremony even though Ron was planning on taking Diane as his date. Leslie is all, “Yay, I get to meet Diane” and basically butts in on their date. At the awards banquet, Ron is giddy being surrounded by all his fellow woodworkers and has a total fangirl moment when seeing a man whose work he especially admires.

It’s adorable to see Ron Swanson not only giddy, but tongue-tied and bashful. Before the awards start, our villain appears, in the form of Tammy, Ron’s twice-ex-wife, as played by Nick Offerman’s real-life wife Megan Mullally.

It’s a Nice Day for a Swanson Wedding – Parks and Recreation Highlight