In , Fenn developed cancer. Although it went into remission, he was told it might return. The decorated Air Force pilot and former owner of the most successful art gallery in Santa Fe decided to hide a treasure. He then self-published a memoir The Thrill of the Chase, containing all the clues necessary to find the booty. A real charmer, he wrote back, “Why aren’t you out looking for it? I hopped a plane to Santa Fe. Even if I didn’t find the treasure, I wanted to meet this character and find out who in his right mind would bury two million bucks worth of loot. Fenn met me at the airport wearing a scruffy cowboy hat, his signature short-sleeved blue shirt, jeans, and a huge grin. I kept looking for the clue about water he’d mentioned in his book, but so far the landscape had been as dry as a dinosaur bone.

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The San Miguel Church is the oldest church structure in the country, with its adobe walls dating to The city originated on the site of old Pueblo villages at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The city has the highest elevation in the nation, at nearly 7, feet above sea level. Santa Fe is the oldest capital city and the second-oldest surviving city founded by European colonists on land that later became part of the United States.

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Tweet We have the itch. This past week Jaime and I have been dreaming and scheming about how and when we can get away together for our next adventure. Nothing refreshes my soul like a few days of eating, drinking, laughing, and yes, crying my way through a beautiful town like Santa Fe. Hey, we have a lot of important stuff to get off of our chests!

Since there is no adventure on the calendar, for now I will have to reminisce about our 3 glorious days in those gorgeous desert mountains. Here are our most favorite spots.


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A school shooting occurred at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, United States, in the Houston metropolitan area, on May 18, Ten people – eight students and two teachers – were fatally shot and thirteen others were wounded.

Search 21 Best Things to Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico Whether you are looking for a last minute weekend getaway or planning to attend one of the famous annual events in the area, Santa Fe, New Mexico , is an exciting vacation destination, filled with beautiful architecture, a diverse selection of art galleries, fantastic restaurants and fun activities. Here are the best things to do in Santa Fe, NM.

Art collectors will delight in the variety of genres, ranging from modern and abstract to figurative and Native American, displayed in the galleries along the way, as well as an array of other art, sculptures and graphics. Handmade gold jewelry and traditional Santa Fe silverwork glistens on display, while beautiful pieces of handcrafted furniture, Native American pottery, handwoven rugs and colorful Folk Art highlights the history of the region. If you are wondering what to do in Santa Fe, Canyon Road is a great place to start exploring.

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Search 21 Best Things to Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico Whether you are looking for a last minute weekend getaway or planning to attend one of the famous annual events in the area, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is an exciting vacation destination, filled with beautiful architecture, a diverse selection of art galleries, fantastic restaurants and fun activities. Here are the best things to do in Santa Fe, NM.

Art collectors will delight in the variety of genres, ranging from modern and abstract to figurative and Native American, displayed in the galleries along the way, as well as an array of other art, sculptures and graphics. Handmade gold jewelry and traditional Santa Fe silverwork glistens on display, while beautiful pieces of handcrafted furniture, Native American pottery, handwoven rugs and colorful Folk Art highlights the history of the region.

 · Living in Santa Fe is a bit like living in a foreign country. Its long, diverse history is reflected in the architecture, the cuisine and the lifestyle itself. Distinctive flat-roofed adobe buildings and residences, some dating back to the late s, hide inner courtyards and expansive covered porches (called portales here). /profile–santa-fe–new-mexico.

Adobe buildings were traditionally made by shaping the mud-based substance into bricks, with supports provided by large logs, called vigas. Then , just southeast of downtown, Canyon Road is lined with more high-end options. The street is renowned for its art galleries, but is also home to dealers of fine leather goods and jewelry, ranging from southwestern to contemporary.

Photo Provided by the New Mexico Department of Tourism Santa Fe is known as the second-largest art market in the country due to the large number of resident painters, sculptors, jewelers, photographers, and other fine artists. They choose to call Santa Fe home because the unique culture is conductive to the spirit of creative thinking. There are oodles of other artists here too: More than restaurants in a town of 70, or so makes for a terrific eatery-to-customer ratio.

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There are also wonderful boutiques tucked all over town offering unique things that maybe you can’t live without. The museum shops have some treasures. And don’t miss the Native Americans who sit under the portal at the historic Palace of the Governors. Everything is authentic and made by the vendor or a family member. It’s a great place to browse for gifts. Introduction to Northern New Mexican cuisine:

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This pueblo was once inhabited by a tribe from the Tano speaking tribes of the northern part of the territory. Sometime around AD, this tribe abandoned their village, moving on to other sites farther south in search of water, better fields or hunting grounds. In , Don Juan de Onate led a party of Spanish settlers into the area in search of a suitable place to establish a permanent settlement. Accompanying Onate were Tlaxcalen Indian warrior auxiliaries.

The river provided ample water for the irrigation of cornfields to the south of the San Miguel Church and an abundance of sweet tasting stream trout to grace their tables. Their homes were sacked and burned with a heavy loss of life. The survivors retreated across the river and joined the Spaniards in a spirited but unsuccessful defense of the Villa. The Spanish withdrew from the Villa with the Tlaxcalans.

Only a few of the first Tlaxcalans are believed to have returned to Santa Fe after the reconquest by Don Diego de Vargas in — By the late s, genizaros or acculturated plains Indians such as the Apaches and Navajos, as well as the families of Spanish soldiers were living in the Barrio. Up until the s the Oldest House was continually occupied by people representing all the cultures of Santa Fe.

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The long-rumored announcement was delayed by a disagreement over the disposition of Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corporation, a gold mining subsidiary that ATSF agreed to sell to stockholders. Krebs both announced shareholders had approved the plan, which would save overhead costs and combine BN’s coal and ATSF’s intermodal strengths. Although the two systems complemented each other with little overlap, [15] in contrast to the Santa Fe-Southern Pacific merger, which failed because it would have eliminated competition in many areas of the Southwest , BN and ATSF came to agreements with most other Class Is to keep them from opposing the merger.

Louis , paralleling the Houston-Memphis SP line, and allowing BNSF to participate in the UP’s plan for directional running , in which each line would serve through trains in only one direction. BN never abandoned the line and began rehabilitating it in early , and the route reopened in early December, relieving the crowded Stevens Pass. The combination would have benefited both companies by expanding available cash for capacity improvements, and allowing for longer single-system movements.

FRIENDS FIRST OF SANTA FE OUR MISSION: To create opportunities for MATURE SINGLES to meet others with common interests, to become friends and to socialize without pressure. WE ARE NOT A DATING SITE AS SUCH. “WE ARE A COMMUNITY OF FRIENDS” “Friends First” ethic permeates this group and is actively promoted by the Leadership Team. Many of us are transplants and consider this .

Santa Fe, New Mexico Population: Daylighting rivers and streams, Floodplain restoration, Mapping, Floodwater Detention, Waterfront Park, Green Parking lots Challenge Dating back to the s, the rapidly growing community in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico began to tap in to the Santa Fe River and the groundwater that supports it for drinking water. Over time the demand on the water feeding the Santa Fe and increased impacts of development led to concerns over degrading water quality, falling water levels and severe erosion along the river.

Regular crop cultivation in the area led to diversion of the river, though groundwater reserves continued to support local ecology when flow rates were low. Starting in the mid th century, increased settlement and urbanization greatly impacted water levels, water quality and flow rates. Removal of grade controls in the s increased flood capacity but greatly exacerbated erosion, which by had reached a rate of nearly one foot a year. Sand and gravel mining in the latter half of the 20th century led to further deepening of the river, contributing to even more erosion.

These things led to significant degradation in water quality and volume, an increase in the velocity of now unimpeded floodwaters, a decline in local plant and animal life, and a precipitous decline in the overall health of the river and river ecosystem. Following a period of increasing attention to the heavily degraded nature of the river and the threats it posed to safety, health and well-being, local activism on the part of the Santa Fe Watershed Association SFWA sought to cultivate support for a wider revitalization effort.

SFWA-led tours of the river produced increased interest on the part of local officials and the eventual development of joint resolutions on the part of the City and County of Santa Fe to collaborate to develop a plan for the rehabilitation of the river. This was not the first attempt to address the rehabilitation of the river. Rather, the SFWA harnessed previous planning efforts by forming a Watershed Advisory Group composed of key representatives of the city, county and community to assess and advance plans already in place.


Originally Posted by mmposting You know, I really wouldn’t recommend the social scene in Santa Fe, which probably spills over onto the dating scene. I wouldn’t know about the dating because I’m married, but me and my wife are really bored in Santa Fe. We’ve been here about two years and don’t have any friends to speak of.

Prior to this we lived in a big city on the East Coast and found it much easier to make friends. I am in my mid- 30s and my wife is in her upper 30s.

CL. new mexico choose the site nearest you: albuquerque; clovis / portales; farmington; las cruces.

Pure luck made Becknell the first businessman to revive the American trade with Santa Fe. Fearing American domination of the region, the Spanish had closed their Southwest holdings to foreigners following the Pike expedition more than a decade earlier. They threw the few traders who violated the policy into prison and confiscated their goods.

However, Becknell and other merchants continued to trade with the Indians on the American-controlled eastern slope of the southern Rockies. While on such an expedition in the fall of , Becknell encountered a troop of Mexican soldiers. They informed Becknell that they had recently won their independence in a war with Spain, and the region was again open to American traders.

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The Ocean Park post office opens with L. Osborne as postmaster and the office was located in his grocery store on 2nd street. The Santa Fe Company leveled the ground and made some improvements.

Welcome to the Santa Fe Indian girls JV cross country team wall. The most current information will appear at the top of the wall dating back to prior seasons. Utilize the left navigation tools to find past seasons, meet schedules, rosters and more.

It was written in response to an article written by Dr. The mass media in this country well know the rules. When an archaeological discovery is made, all but the most compelling stories go to the bottom of the page, making room for what many Americans love most, the sight of an ancient object that gives an exciting hint about their past. How many times have the stories of Mesa Verde and Spiro Mound been told?

We always thirst for more. For many decades our museums have purchased prehistoric artifacts or had them donated by those with the far vision to know that otherwise our public displays would stand in need. Was the Chicago Art Institute correct in purchasing the most significant Mimbres cave objects ever discovered, a ritual cache of brilliantly colored and feathered snake and mountain lion fetishes and human effigies? Of course they were! The Society of American Archaeology SAA hates to see commercial traffic in archaeological material, yet one must ask which is more important – the education of the public or the perceived ethics of the SAA?

Professional archaeological societies have long looked for easy marks to blame for the escalating interest in collecting artifacts, and their editorials have accused collectors for many of the problems found in their own science.

Oldest House Indian Shop

Starts around dusk December 24, This beloved Christmas Eve tradition lights up the heart and soul, as thousands of people stroll this famous road, which is decorated with farolitos small, sand-filled bags with votive candles and luminarias bonfires. The joyous sounds of carols and friends and families greeting each other fills the air. December 24, The Symphony rings in the New Year with the full orchestra under the baton of Maestro Guillermo Figueroa and a spectacular program featuring works by three of our most celebrated composers.

December 24, Celebrate Pueblo culture and enjoy an authentic and enriching experience by visiting one of the Eight Northern New Mexico Indian Pueblos during the holidays.

We are very excited to be at the Oldest House Santa Fe. This location is steeped in layers of history dating back to CE. We plan to incorprate the history of the Oldest House into educational and entertaining events and activities for our customers and our community.

Reviewed September 14, Wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The taste of Canyon Road included history, galleries, food, wine, and a wonderful guide Liana. Thanks for visiting Santa Fe and for taking a tour with us! This makes it possible to meet new friends, share food and drink with them, exchange ideas about food and drink and common interests.

All the food was excellent and the galleries interesting You’re absolutely right in that we view food and drink as something that brings people together, so I’m glad to hear that More Sfkack Reviewed August 24, Super fun afternoon on Canyon Road We had a very enjoyable walking tour of Canyon Road, which included food, wine, galleries and some history of the area. Our guide Liana is a native Santa Fe-in and she could really give us a sense for how Canyon Road has evolved over time I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed your tour with Liana!

Canyon Road is indeed a very special place and what I love about our tour is that it brings out all of the history and stories of what it used to be like

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