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Surviving off hook-up 11b9fe c f c7f-c3d14f d5 One of the great advantages of owning a motorhome is the ability to roam and not be tied down to a campsite every night. It becomes a number-juggling process as you balance the available electric and gas capacity against the need to cook, heat, light, refrigerate your food and power the water pump. There are certain preparations that can be taken before setting out, that will maximise the amount of time you can spend away from the electric nectar of the mains supply. The first consideration is understanding how your leisure battery works — which provides the power when the engine is off. A typical leisure battery is rated at Ah, which means that if you draw 5A every hour from it thanks to your various electrical devices, it will last 20 hours before going from fully charged to flat. One way to extend the amount of power you have available is to add a second leisure battery but there are ways of doing that are efficient than others. The first is to wire them to work in parallel so that they share the workload, rather than serially, where the supplied current would be double what your devices are expecting.

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Supplies Gather your supplies. For the sake of this build we are going to assume you have a 30 amp plug on your generator – like the one shown. If your have one different please adjust your supplies. Buy a UL rated device that fits your specific breaker box.

They all work just fine when you’re driving or using an electrical hook up in a camping site, but when you go “wild camping” things change a little bit. So let’s take a .

I RV was kind enough to include one in the start-up kit they furnished. They cost a minimal amount, are a necessity and in our case was furnished by the dealer. Dog Bone Adapter lets you hook up to 15 amp outlets. Weatherproof jacket encloses 10 gauge, 3 wire cord for safe, free-flowing AC power. Molded plug and socket. Three insulated 6-gauge copper conductors and one insulated 8-gauge copper conductor are enclosed in a weatherproof outer jacket that resists oil, grease and ozone.

Won’t crack or become brittle and remains flexible below freezing temperatures. Jacket rated at V. Extra Heavy-duty 50 amp Power Cord If your going to run the full 50 AMP service and expect to be some distance from the source you’ll need this. Otherwise I would suggest that you not purchase one. If the service is that far away then you might want to repark your RV. Insulated cold weather jacket keeps cord flexible down to oF to prevent cracking.

This is a basic necessity also in my opinion. It is designed for getting electricity to your unit over an extended distance safely, not run big appliances.

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You have three basic options – use an RCA cable, go wireless with an FM transmitter, or connect via cassette tape. If you go with an FM transmitter, follow the instructions that come with it. This sometimes involves installing software on your PC, downloading the radio stations to your iPod, finding a station with no feedback at all, and matching the station on your stereo to the station on the iPod.

You simply plug a standard plug into the earphone jack of your iPod, and a cord runs from that to a cassette which you place into the cassette player. Tune your car stereo to cassette, and you’re ready to go any cassette adapter at those stores should work with the iPod, so don’t get suckered into buying the most expensive name brand.

It is worth noting that the cassette tape is an analog medium, and therefore suffers some loss in audio quality.

V Mains Electric Hook Up Installation Kit T2/T4/T5 Van/Campervan/Motorhome

May 17, No! Our van was designed to be an off grid camper with everything we would need to stay days or even weeks without going to a campsite. Inverter Inverters are great devices! We have a w Pure Sine Wave Inverter capable of providing a constant w supply and w for 30 minutes.

Here are some of the ways you can set up wireless internet in your van. There are various reasons you may want Wi-Fi connectivity in your van. Wireless internet is becoming a desirable feature for the patrons of many less-conventional van businesses like mobile food trucks and mobile libraries.

The electrical calculations are comprised into a detailed schematic overview, that serves as the basis for the installation. Alternator The extra power from the alternator can be directed to the battery bank, to give the batteries an extra charge while driving. You likely have to install a heavier alternator. I plan to move little once at my vacation destinations and as my research indicated a possible limited benefit, I will forego this option at this time.

Power Grid Staying completely off-grid boondocking or stealth camping is the goal, but as the situation may require, a visit to a campground is an opportunity to replenish some battery power. The battery charger is connected to the V external power inlet, that in turn can be connected to a 15 amp electrical outlet with a heavy extension cord. Generator With a van, storage is always a major issue. In addition, the fuel is dangerous and smelly. Personally, I never understood, why one goes through the trouble of finding that one, exclusive location, to have it disturbed by the noise of a running generator.

Solar Panels are largely maintenance free and prices are still coming down. They are a great solution for off-grid camping, with some limitations on cloudy or rainy days. With Ah in the battery bank, a balanced system ideally requires an equal amount in watts W as panels. That poses the problem of roof space on a cargo van.

Most available larger and cheaper panels are approx.

How to Set Up Wireless Internet in your Van

This would save about 60 lbs, but not much money as the 6 V golf cart batteries are a much in demand item with lower price. I thought about using an AGM battery, but the extra cost does not seem worth it me — I’m used to taking care of flooded batteries and don’t mind adding another. The batteries will live inside the van in a case that is sealed and vented to the outside.

DC Distribution and Fuse Panel The DC distribution panel distributes the 12 volt battery power from the house batteries to each of the 12 volt loads in the van, and provides fuse protection for the wiring in each DC circuit. This one from Blue Sea is looking pretty good to us

van will crank, run on ether, no power to fuel pump relay coil circuit,security light not flashing, fuel pump works van won’t start,will crank, pump is good, relay doesnt get power to coil – .

Connect two batteries in parallel — Part 2 answers the questions asked the most. Most people who want to connect two batteries together are trying to expand the battery capacity of their existing setup. One thing to remember, if you are going to install a second battery, you are going to have to start with two new, identical batteries.

Same make, Amp hour Ah rating and if you can the same manufacture date. Well the most obvious is to simply connect a new battery to the original battery using some cable and new battery terminal clamps like this…. OK, that will work.

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Shop all E-track and Van Trailer Straps. What’s the difference between ratchet straps and cambuckle straps? Ratchet straps can be tightened much more than cambuckle cam straps. The ratcheting action allows the user to crank the webbing of the strap around the ratchet’s mandrel, using leverage and force to pull the strap very tight. This tension makes e-track ratchet straps better for securing large, heavy loads.

E Track Straps & Tie Downs Safely secure your cargo in your enclosed trailer or truck with our complete line of E track, E track straps, and E track tie down hardware. E track is an industry standard for keeping cargo, equipment and even vehicles tied down during transport.

Here are some of the ways you can set up wireless internet in your van. There are various reasons you may want Wi-Fi connectivity in your van. You may also want a reliable connection to perform work on your laptop or tablet during downtime. Renault van cabins are already designed to offer entrepreneurs an ergonomic workspace so drivers and passengers can take their company on the road.

A solid Wi-Fi signal can be the finishing touch of your mobile office. Your options include… Using your smartphone as a hotspot Internet access on the road can be as simple as just about anywhere else if you use your mobile phone. Of course, you will need a smartphone with hotspot capabilities and a data plan that supports it; fortunately, that is the case for the majority of modern smartphones.

You should also check how much data you already go through with normal phone usage, as this solution can significantly increase your consumption. Mobile hotspots are the easiest solutions for in-vehicle Wi-Fi, since they require no additional equipment and you can take your Wi-Fi with you when you exit the van. Be aware that your phone uses quite a bit of energy to emit a Wi-Fi signal continuously. If you intend to use this solution often, be prepared to upgrade your data plan.


Just to make it a bit easier, the camper refrigerators come in four basic versions. These refrigerators are made just like any other household units using PU-foam for insulation and sturdy materials for casing. They all work just fine when you’re driving or using an electrical hook up in a camping site, but when you go “wild camping” things change a little bit. So let’s take a look at the different types just to get the general idea here. Passive Coolers And Bags Passive coolers use ice, reusable gel packs or frozen water bottles to keep everything cool.

Mar 13,  · Electrical Hook up Van This is how we have decided to intall a hook up system in our T4. We have done this by utilising the dud fog light and wiring it through the rear to the front over the wheel.

These truck tents set up in the back of your open-bed pickup, creating a comfortable, restful sleeping area for two people. No more worrying about what is crawling around out side your door. Add and air mattress and you are set for a good night sleep. Set up time is less than 15 minutes. Giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. The SUV Tents wrap around the cargo area of your vehicle allowing you total access for additional sleeping spaces or for storing gear.

No more having to unzip and zip tent doors and open and close vehicle doors to get something you need from your vehicle. Pitch your tent anywhere your truck goes. Keep off the ground, high and dry, and away from the critters. Features five windows with no-see-um mesh, for ventilation, light, and openness. Has a cab access window.

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Modern motorhomes have quite sophisticated electrical systems. Often these will be both 12 volt battery and volt mains and may include the means to convert from one to the other. The first thing to understand is the entirely different scale of household and portable electricity. Household electricity consumption is measured in Kilowatt-hours and we use about 50 of them per day in our home.

We are responsible for the safety of our electrical supply equipment up to the socket outlet on the hook-up bollard and have it tested on a regular basis but you are responsible for the safety of your hook-up cable and your unit’s electrical installation.

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